uplift and shift | 360 campaign

client: Girl Up, Ben & Jerry's, YouTube

objective:  To get young girls to stop tearing each other down, 

through social media outlets and technology. 

idea: Girls at a young age start partaking in relational aggression and tearing down their fellow female through social outlets and technology. Get these girls to start uplifting each other and shift their actions. 

team: Corie Baker


Winner of a Gold - American Advertising Award - AAF - 2018

Field Day: On the International Day of Girls, the Uplift & Shift Field day will take place. The field day is an event to bring the girls together and celebrate taking the pledge. Ben and Jerry's serves their Superwoman ice cream at the event. A wide variety of activities will take place, including a color run and concert series. 

Emma Empowerment:  Our celebrity You Tuber- Emma Empowerment live streams on her channel during the event for girls that were unable to attend. 

Case Study

Limited Edition Pints: Ben and Jerry's limited edition pints will be available in stores. The Superwoman ice cream is pink and purple swirled, a metaphor for unity. The pints will be branded with Ben & Jerry's as well as Uplift & Shift colors. 

You Tuber:  One thing we know about the target is they big fans of You Tube, Tubers. So we created our own Tuber- Emma Empowerment. Emma is an advocate for girl power and a reminder to Uplift & Shift. 

Social Media:  We will be using Snap Chat and Instagram to interact with our target. On The International Day of Girls we will feature a special SnapChat geo filter as well as an Instagram photo filter with our campaign pink and purple. 

Our Uplift & Shift accounts will be active year round to remind girls to Uplift & Shift. 

Pledge Pack: When girls sign up and take the pledge they will receive an Uplift & Shift t-shirt as well as a code to unlock a special emoji that can be used in text messages and social media. The emoji is two hands coming together to form a heart. The goal

is to create buzz around this emoji and get girls interested in taking the pledge. 

The Pledge:  The campaign centerpiece is the Uplift & Shift pledge. The Pledge gets girls to vow that they will change their actions and uplift other girls. 

Print:  Print will be used in popular teen read magazines as well as social media. These prints will bring to light how our phones can hurt others. They will direct the girls to the Girl Up website where they can sign up to take the pledge. 

Campaign Assets: The colors, photo treatments and logos that are used throughout the campaign.