i am one third | guerrilla marketing campaign

objective:  To get Millennial's to get out and vote

idea:  The millennial generation is 1/3 of the over all vote.

But they are not doing their part and making it to the polls to vote.

So to catch their attention we took away 1/3 of the things that millennial's

care about, to emphasize that one third can make a big difference.

team:  Jeremy Paczos

Money:  We caught the attention of the target with these fake $100 bills. 

We folded them and placed them on the streets and in the buildings of

young urban areas where we knew the target could be found. 

Flag:  We reconstructed the American flag. Removing 1/3 of the stars and stripes. The flag was displayed in public areas with our IAMONETHIRD message.  We then got the target to pledge to be a part of the one third, and take a picture with the flag. 

Food:  One thing we know about the target is that they love free food. So in the lobby on a college campus we set up a "free hotdog" stand. When the hot dog was opened the target was quick to find out that 1/3 of the hotdog was missing. Underneath was our impactful message, reminding the target to get out and vote. 

Uber: We know that not all millennials have access to transportation. And since we did not want them making any excuses about getting to the polls,  we created a partnership with Uber offering 1/3 off price fares when being driven to the polls. 

Case Study