craft your style | digital campaign

client: The Body Shop

objective:  To make men aware of the Body Shop mens line.

idea:  In this artisan and craft age, giving men the confidence

to craft their own style through The Body Shop.

team:  Jeremy Paczos & Corie Baker

App:  When it comes to men and body care products...they don't really care. They just use whatever they have always used or whatever is cheap. But another thing some men are not very sure about is their style. So The Body Shop is going to help these men "Craft Their Style".  Based on their interest and their life style. The Body Shop will give them the ability to have a Style Expert on demand as well as order sample products right from their phone. 

Barber Shop Takeover:  The Body Shop took over mens barber shops and branded them with Body Shop products. The barbers used Body Shop products during the service and gave the men style tips. After the grooming, the men could purchase the products, and make additional appointments through the app.

Social Media:  The mens Body Shop line had a weak social media presence, so we engaged with the Target through Instagram and Twitter. Reminding them about the barber shop and different style hacks to try out. 

Digital Kiosk:  We placed digital kiosks in urban areas to continue engagement with the target. Similar to the Craft Style app, the kiosk used the same interface. It asked the target a couple questions and then gave them a sample, encouraging them to use the app. 

Product Rebranding: We rebranded the mens line to follow the campaign aesthetic.