Snuggle Revival | Shopper Marketing Campaign

client: Snuggle

objective:  To get millennials to add Snuggle into their laundry routine. 

idea: The thrift market is quickly growing among trendy millennials. Snuggle can help these Thriftonistas revive their thrifted finds by getting rid of the resale rench and conditioning the fabric. 

team: Bailey Bain, Ying Liu , Paige Campbell

Launching at New York fashion Week, Sunggle will sponsors Thriftonista tents. These tents will honor selected Thriftonistas to show off their special thrifted designs on the Snuggle run way. 

thrift truck: Outside of the Sunggle tent at Fashion Week, the Thrift Truck will be available for Thriftonistas to shop as well as donate unwanted clothes. The unwanted clothing will then be taken to local women's shelters. Snuggle will also be available on board for purchase. After Fashion Week is over the Thrift Truck will hit the road touring the country- teaching Thriftonistas the benefits of using Snuggle on their clothes. 

revival kit: on the opening day of Fashion Week, Snuggle will launch the Revival Kit. The kit will be available with a Snuggle purchase at Target. 

revival bible: as a part of the Revival Kit, the Revival Bible is a Snuggle Publication that will feature select Thriftonistas, showing off their thrifted designs, give special tips and tricks on how to revive thrifted clothing in unique ways and educate on the benefits of using Snuggle.