Immortal Paper | Print

Client: Wrappily

Objective:  To get people to reduce their carbon foot print when gifting for special occasion. 

Idea: Every year during the holiday season, enough wrapping paper is used to circle the globe nine times. Wrapping paper can not be recycled because of the high amount of aluminum, and it never breaks down, so it lives with us on the earth...forever. 

Body Copy:

"Your wrapping paper will out live you"


"Some wrapping paper contains such a high amount of aluminum that it never decomposes.. It spends the rest of its immortal days, and yours, in a land fill.


Introducing Wrappily eco-friendly wrapping paper.. Our chic product is made from 100% recyclable news paper which can be recycled up to seven times.


Check out the festive wrapping paper, designed by local artists at"